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Image Management

We believe protecting your image is very important, especially in service based industries. The service industry, unlike products, are purchased almost sight unseen, almost on blind faith. Many service industry customers value consistency a lot more than they do excellence. They want the same experience every time they interact with a service company.

DSIGNS offers image management to its clients. Image management is our approach to assisting your company and its employees to always put their best foot forward when it comes to image interaction with current and potential clients.

We will work with you in setting up standards that all orders must have before DSIGNS will produce them. Consistent use of company logos, logo colors along with standards such as:

• Consistent use of full names or shortened names on business cards
• Standard format for all future email addresses
• Standard order quantities to make the best use of your marketing budget
• DSIGNS will manage and administer accepted logos for use by other vendors.

Image Management goes beyond ink on paper. DSIGNS will assist you in creating a standard for promoting your image on multiple levels such as pens, mugs, signs, banners, vehicles and all types of promotional items. We can even act as your personal marketing agent for creation of ads for newspapers and publications.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you put standards in place.