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Conceal Carry

Have You Considered How Illinois Conceal Carry Will Effect Your Business?

Conceal carry was approved in 2013.  The Illinois State Police have approved hundreds of conceal carry permits and begun mailing them out.  This will effect your business, employees, customers and suppliers.  Details are available on the Illinois State Police web site.  If you are going to prohibit conceal carry at your business there are some things you should do.

If you decide to ban conceal carry you should contact your attorney to assist in writing your company policy.  After that you will want to update your employee guidelines/handbook, create an acknowledgement sheet for your employees and vendors to sign (keep this for your records) and post signs as dictated by the Illinois State Police.

What You Must Do To Notify Patrons That Your Business Prohibits Conceal Carry.

Businesses have the option of allowing or prohibiting conceal carry.  If you choose to prohibit conceal carry you MUST display Illinois State Police approved signage stating so.  Signage that is not state approved does not have to be obeyed and could open your business to liability in the event of an unfortunate event.  Download a FREE state approved graphic that you can tape to your establishment.

DSIGNS Has A More Permanent Solution!

DSIGNS has a more permanent solution to a paper print out.  We have Illinois State Police approved conceal carry decals.  By using a long life decal you are assured that no one can come by and rip a paper sign down.  Our decals are long life, UV protected and over-laminated to hold up to Chicago's harsh weather conditions.  Our decals are STATE APPROVED.  Click here for pricing.

The image on the left is incorrect and unenforceable. The image in the center is State Police Approved and available as a decal from DSIGNS!  The image on the right is a sample showing where to post your conceal carry sign/deal.  Contact DSIGNS at 847-392-0404 or drop us an email for pricing and availability.